Peter Taylor


About Me

Peter Taylor is a graduate of the University of Alberta Bachelor of Education program. He has been teaching in Edson since 2002, and teaching at Holy Redeemer since 2003. He currently teaches Social Studies 9, 10-1, and 30-2, and all the junior and senior high Drama classes, as well as a senior high Technical Theatre class and a senior high Advanced Acting class. After school, Peter leads an award-winning and dynamic drama program. The Drama Department produces one full-length production each fall and three one-act plays in the spring. These productions have become a major staple in the Edson community, and many of the one-act plays have won numerous awards at the zone and provincial level. In addition to leading the drama program, he also serves as the Public Relations Director, which keeps the local media informed of the many ongoings at Holy Redeemer. Peter resides in Edson with his wife, Danielle, his son, Nolan, and his dogs, Maybe and Jasper. With the support of his family he sits as President of the Arts Centre for Edson Society and referees youth and adult soccer.