Student Dress Code


Students at HRH helped to create this dress code.  As part of the expectation of courtesy and respect, all students are required to adhere to reasonable standards in dressing.  Clothes that students wear to school should be modest and appropriate for the school setting.  Temporary revisions to the dress code are permitted at the discretion of the instructor for concerns of safety or academic integrity.  In summary, students should dress in a manner that is appropriate for school activities with educational goals in mind.

If a student is wearing clothing that does not comply with the school dress code, then they will be warned by school staff that the clothing is inappropriate for a school setting.  If the situation warrants, the student will be asked to change into alternative clothing and parents will be notified.


  • clothing must cover the chest, back, buttocks, and midriff
  • no strapless shirts
  • undergarments shall not be intentionally visible
  • clothing with offensive / suggestive messages are not permitted