New Teacher at HRH

Visitors to Holy Redeemer will see a friendly new face in hallways and it belongs to Brian Davison who is the newest edition to the HRH teaching staff.

Davison is a longtime teacher who will be joining the HRH staff to teach Social Studies 7, 20-1 and 30-1 and he’s no stranger to the Edson community. “I’ve actually taught in Edson since I started teaching in 2000,” he says. “Actually I taught at Holy Redeemer before it was even Holy Redeemer,” referring to Jubilee Junior High School.

Davison taught at Jubiliee until the school closed in 2003. He then moved to Parkland until 2006, after which he moved back to his hometown of Fort Assiniboine. “I was lucky enough to land a teaching job back in my home town, but not lucky enough, I guess, as the school board closed the school in 2014.” At that point Davison then returned to Edson and has been working at Parkland and Pine Grove for the past two years. Until now.

“I got a call from Mr. McGowan (Principal of HRH) and they were looking for a Social Studies teacher for fill a position until the end of the school year,” he says. “I got to say, I jumped at the chance. I’ve always heard positive things about the school.”

Davison not only brings a wealth of teaching experience to the job, but he also brings a wealth of knowledge of various subject areas to the job as well. “I initially went to university to become a doctor, but eventually found my passion in teaching history,” he says referring to how he always thought of history as a popular hobby for himself. “I also spent a few seasons playing football with the Golden Bears that led me to having a Physical Education minor and a major in Social Studies.”

After graduating the University of Alberta in 1999 and while working in Edson and Fort Assiniboine, Davison established himself as a popular social and phys-ed teacher and coach of various extra-curricular programs such as badminton and basketball. “I’ve coached a lot of basketball, but I’m certainly looking forward to coaching something at HRH this year, once I get my feet under me.”

When asked how the reception at the school has been thus far, Davison said, “The kids have been fantastic and so welcoming. The atmosphere is great and everyone, from the staff to the students, have been so helpful. The school is really living up to its reputation.”

Needless to say it is good to hear HRH lives up to a positive reputation, and it should also be said that Mr. Davison is also living up to his positive reputation as well.