Grade 12 Student Shaves Head for a Friend

It is always truly heartwarming that when someone is in need that people step up to help. And it is even more heartwarming when the person stepping up happens to be a local teenager.

Holy Redeemer grade 12 student Layne Frizorguer wanted to do something that benefited a great cause, and it all revolved around his hair.

“I’ve been growing my hair out for a few years now,” says Frizorguer.  “I wanted to shave it off last year during our school’s March 4 A Cure event, however I held off waiting for another opportunity.”

And that opportunity came when a family friend, Jason Anderson, was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor in January. “It’s tragic,” says Frizorguer. “He’s a young guy and such a good person. I wanted to help in any way I could.”

Frizorguer then began asking family and friends to donate money so that he could shave his head. All the money would be donated to Anderson, while 13 inches of the hair would be donated to the Alberta Cancer Foundation so that it can be made into a wig for future cancer patients. “Jason has been facing a huge financial strain ever since he was diagnosed,” says Frizorguer. “All the treatments and trips to and from Edmonton certainly take their toll. This was a way that I could help alleviate some of those issues.” He also mentions that this way he can see the impact directly as the money is going to someone who truly needs it.

Through all the donations, Frizorguer collected $4300 in just over two weeks. “I was amazed at the amount of support we received,” he says. “So many people stepped up to help, including the company that built my family’s home five years ago who donated $500.” Other donors included local HRH students and the HRH staff Jeans for Charity campaign.

                When asked about how he felt about raising the money, Frizorguer said “It feels good helping someone out, especially when it’s a close friend.”

                Anderson has also received donations from other places as well, including a Gofundme page that raised $48,000 and a dinner fundraiser that raised $31,000.

                And now Frizorguer is left with much shorter hair, and many people have complimented him on his new look. “I’m not going to lie, about five hours before I was about to shave it all off, I was freaking out. But now that it’s gone, I’m loving the short hair. But most of all, I love the fact that I got to help a friend in need.”