Junior Drama Kids Prepare Teenage Problems

The Holy Redeemer Drama Department has had a long history of producing excellent and crowd-loving one-act plays. A huge part of the program is the development of the junior high students through the spring one-act play. And this year will be no different as they are set to begin rehearsals for their next play, Teenage Problems

“This play is something we’ve never done before,” says Drama Teacher Peter Taylor who says the junior high play will be returning to performing a comedy after last year’s highly successful emotional drama, Elephant’s Graveyard.  “It’s got a storyline that we believe will really resonate with our audiences and give the students something they can really dig their acting teeth into.” 

The play revolves around a group of teenagers and their very important (albeit hilariously silly) problems they have to face.

The play will be presented alongside the two senior high plays, Double Diners and Wake-Up Call, at the Dessert Theatre on April 7th and 8th. Then the play will compete in the Zone 2 West Drama Festival, which will be held at the Red Brick, on April 27th and 28th.

“This script brings a lot of really cool elements together,” says grade 8 student Jayna Fedorak who also won Best Actress for her performance last year. “Plus, the group in the cast and crew are all really enthusiastic about performing this play. It’s going to be a lot of fun, that’s for sure.”

The cast and crew is by far the largest group that HRH has had within a junior high one-act play. “We have 21 students who are set to be a part of it,” says Taylor. “It’s also a very young cast that is very new to the Festival experience. That said, we also some students returning to the theatre to take part in the show.” Returning students include Danielle Bittner, Tiffany Coes, Stephen Domshy, Sean Fogarty, and Ava Simmons

The rest of the cast and crew is made up newcomers to the one-act stage: Katie Blue, Alexa Bodner, Hunter Bowman, Ashley Byers, Jesse Cesario, Mekha George, Emily Holloway, Crisha Jabagat, Anya Moffat, Halle Schult, Zoe Schwitz, Kaelen Tait, Elias Tobin, Ethan Toner, and Brooke Yemane.

The junior high program has had an excellent track record with winning awards at the zone drama festival. Their plays have won Best Production seven times since joining the festival thirteen years ago, including the last three years.

The group has now begun rehearsals and is looking forward to showcasing their skills to both the Dessert Theatre and Festival audiences. Tickets for the Dessert Theatre will go on sale in mid-March.