House Band Sounds Very Good

If you were to walk down the halls of Holy Redeemer on any afternoon, you will probably hear some very beautiful voices combined with some amazing instrumental play. All of this beautiful music is thanks to the newest extracurricular program at HRH, the House Band.

The Band was organized by Music Teacher Alex Giovos at the beginning of this school year. Although Giovos is the head supervisor and organizer, the Band is co-managed by the musicians themselves.

“We wanted to have an inclusive program where we accept everyone with a variety of musical talents,” says Giovos.  “But the biggest part of it was to give the students the power to run it. By doing this it allows the students to demonstrate their leadership abilities not only while playing, but during the whole rehearsal and management process as well.” Giovos also said that it is important that musicians understand all aspects of the fine arts industry.

The House Band is made up of grade 12 students Katia Davi-Digui (piano), Jonathon Hawke (drums), Cassandra Kushniruk (vocals), Emma Laurin (Sound Technician), Dustin Sibley (guitar/bass) and grade 11 student Devin Sibley (guitar).

The Band has a great repertoire of music from classic rock to contemporary pop. During their 60-minute set the music ebbs and flows from classic rock riffs and piano solos, to gentle acoustic ballads. Audience members are usually blown away by the excellent instrumental skill of the students as they cover Metallica classics and are equally impressed by the expressive beauty in Cassie Kushniruk’s voice.

Thus far, the Band has already delivered multiple performances this year such as at the Rotary Sundays in the Park in July and at Parkland Lodge on December 1st and 7th. The Band is already booking performances into 2017.

                “It’s so great to see these students showcase their musical abilities throughout the community,” says Giovos. “Having the opportunity perform in front of a live audience also helps to build their self-confidence as a huge part of being a musician is life performance.”

                The Music Program at Holy Redeemer played a large part in providing the students the time and space they require to perfect their sound. The band practices together eighty minutes a day in the school’s music room. The room is equipped with a full set of rock band instruments so the students can focus entirely on making music.

                Soon the Band will also be recording their songs, since the music room is also equipped with a full set of recording equipment that was expertly set up by Greg Templeton at Horison Music and Art.

                The students’ commitment to daily practice ensures that they are almost always available to be hired, even for short-notice performances. Along with the band’s paid performances, they are committed to giving back to the community and voluntarily perform monthly for the long-term care patients at the hospital and Parkland Lodge.

                Members of the public wanting to hear the Band in action don’t have to wait long as their next performances include the SCOPE Marathon charity event in January and a concert at the Red Brick Arts Centre on February 24th.

                Anyone interested in booking the Band can contact Giovos at 780-723-7437 or, or any of the musicians directly.