HRH Shop Class Completes Amazing Work

It has been two years since Holy Redeemer renovated their school to add a much-needed Industrial Arts class. And since that time, it has proved to be an amazing addition to the school.

“Many students asked to have a class like this at our school for years,” said Principal Bill McGowan.  “And now that we have one, the work they have created has been excellent.”

The Industrial Arts class is a senior high course offered every day to students, as well as junior high course offered every second day. It is led by teacher Mike Bachinsky who trains the students on the proper and safe use of industrial machines designed for cutting wood, spray painting, and various other carpentry jobs.

“These students have made some really cool things since we started,” says Bachinsky. “But no matter we create, we ensure that we do it in a safe manner.” Bachinsky even notes that special time and attention is given to start of each class to go over safety procedures when operating the machines.

Thus far, the class has designed and constructed numerous set pieces for the Drama Department’s main stage production. “Last year and this year, they (the Drama Program) put our class in charge of constructing some pretty interesting pieces,” says Bachinsky. Last year, during Robin Hood, the class constructed a log in which Robin Hood and Little John first meet, and this year they constructed a chocolate fountain and boat for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Recently, the class repaired the benches outside the school. The students had to plane, stain, varnish, and even etched the Rebels symbol into the backboard. “Feel free to come by the school and have a look,” says McGowan. “These students did an excellent job.”

The Industrial Arts class is one of many dynamic and creative classes offered by HRH. It joins many other option classes including Advanced Acting, Art, Cosmetology, Drama, Fitness, Foods, Music, Sports Performance, Technical Theatre, and many more.