March 4 A Cure Raises $100,000 in 10 Years

Each spring for the past ten years, a dedicated group of students and teachers volunteer their time to organize the March 4 A Cure campaign. And now, ten years later, the group has raised over $100,000 for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

“This was a program we started in the spring of 2010,” says Mike Bachinsky, a Phys-Ed Teacher at HRH who has spearheaded the campaign for last decade. “Over the years we have tried different events and activities to include as many people as possible maximize our donation to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.”

Each year, the team of dedicated students draws up a plan for weekly events at the school to raise money. Over the years these events have included hair dye and head shave, live and silent auction, basketball shooting competitions, bake sales and candy jar guesses, school dances, hot lunches, and more. “Each year the students are different so the events are different,” says Bachinsky. “That’s what makes this program so unique each and every year.”

Even though the events change from year to year, the end goal is always the same: to raise money for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. “Our goal was to raise $100,000 in ten years,” says Bachinsky. “Meaning we needed to raise at least $6705.01 this year in order to meet our goal.”

Things got a little dicey when the schools closed during the last week of March meaning that they had one less week to raise money. But when the dust settled and the money from the previous three weeks’ events was counted, HRH raised $7,793.01. This would surpass their goal and bring the ten year total to an amazing $101,088.00!

“The credit goes to our amazing team who put in a ton of hard work and determination to get to our goal,” says Bachinsky.

Students involved in the program volunteered for a variety a reasons whether it was raising awareness, donating in honour of a loved one who is battling cancer or has sadly lost their battle with cancer, or just wanting to make a positive impact in the challenge to find a cure.

The program also stands proud to donate every penny to the Alberta Cancer Foundation. In 2015, the campaign donated so much that they were able to dedicate a plaque at the Alberta Cancer Institute in the name of longtime Drama Department volunteer and former HRH staff member Lisa Taylor.

The March 4 A Cure campaign has always been a great fit for the Holy Redeemer staff and students. “Our philosophy is to educate our students in a faith-based environment,” says Principal Betty Churchill. “I can see no better example of building a strong faith than our students working together for those that are battling this terrible disease. We are so blessed to have these students in our school.”

And now that the program has passed their goal, Bachinsky turns to next year and says, “Time to start working towards $200,000.”