Now Accepting New Registrations

The staff at Holy Redeemer has certainly been busy over the last few weeks. Not only have they been organizing and teaching classes online, but they are also preparing and now ready to accept registrations for the 2020-2021 school year.

“Our staff has been working incredible hard to maintain an excellent standard of education for our students during this pandemic,” says Principal Betty Churchill.  “But we are incredibly excited to get back to the regular classroom when the time comes.”

HRH is now accepting new registrations for the 2020-2021 school year for students in grades 7 to 12. To register, individuals are encouraged to go to Look under “Our School”, then “Documents” and then “”Registration Forms”.

If you are asking why students should consider enrolling at Holy Redeemer is the answer is simple: HRH has an excellent reputation for academics, athletics, fine arts and a variety of option classes.

“Our teachers are all specialty trained,” says Churchill. “That means students will be getting a thorough and in depth look at their subject matter.” Beyond that, HRH has always had excellent diploma and provincial achievement test results that show students’ learning is directly aligned with the Alberta Education Program of Studies. On top that, the school records an outstanding graduation rate of over 95%.

To have a well-rounded school, the staff also put great emphasis on offering a wide variety of option and CTS courses to help further enrich the lives of the students. “Our goal has always been to offer programs that one would usually find in larger, urban schools,” says Acting-Assistant Principal Paul Tobin. “These courses can help students decide upon future career opportunities.”

A selection of option courses offered at the senior high level are Advanced Acting, Agriculture, Art, Astronomy, Cosmetology, Drama, Fashion Studies, Film Studies, Fitness, Foods, Industrial Arts, Psychology, and Technical Theatre.

At the junior high level, students can take such courses as Art, Drama, Fitness, Foods and some exciting new courses coming in the fall.

After school hours, students can also take part in a number of extra-curricular activities. The school houses an award-winning Drama Program that features a major main stage production each fall (next year’s show will be A Christmas Carol). The Drama Department also produces three one-act plays in the spring that are presented at a Dessert Theatre and also enter into a Zone Drama Festival. “Our shows have traditionally been very successful,” says Drama Teacher Peter Taylor who credits the success of the program to the amazing students who take part. “Our main stage shows are attended by 1500 audience members annually, while our one-act plays have won a total of 16 Best Production awards at festival.”

Other extra-curricular programs involves the Students’ Union that holds special events each year, and March 4 A Cure that has raised approximately $100,000 for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

The Athletics Program at HRH is second to none. The Program involves a wide variety of sports teams including a six-man football squad, six volleyball teams, cross country teams, track and field teams, golf teams, and eight basketball teams. "Our teams are constantly being competitive," says Athletics Director Julie Rothwell. "Our Senior Men's basketball team has won seven of the last eight Zone Championships. This just goes to show our students and coaches are doing something right.".

With all of this information, it’s safe to say that Holy Redeemer has a lot to offer. Feel free to call the school to talk to one the Administrators to learn more.