HRH Drama to present A Christmas Carol

Each spring, audiences anxiously await the announcement of Holy Redeemer’s next main stage theatre production. And this fall we will see the return of a timeless classic, A Christmas Carol.

“We actually performed A Christmas Carol back in 2007,” says Drama Teacher Peter Taylor.  “It was out fifth main stage show and was by far our largest show at that time, not to mention one of our most memorable to date. This year, we thought we would bring it back with a brand new cast and an audience that will be new to the whole show.”

It is a tradition at HRH that the main stage production is announced on the Saturday night of the Dessert Theatre. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dessert Theatre was cancelled. “There was obviously some very disappointed students,” says Taylor referring to the over 40 students who were involved in the three one-act plays. “However, sometimes we have to understand that there are things much bigger going on. The most important thing is that everyone is safe so we can keep performing drama in the future.”

With the Dessert Theatre cancelled, the HRH Drama Department had to get creative and instead decided to go live on Facebook and Instagram to announce the show.

On April 30th, Taylor announced a clue. “We always like giving everyone a clue,” he says. “This year was ‘It’s time to bring one back’”. And the next day, live on social media, Taylor announced that A Christmas Carol is coming back after thirteen years.

Taylor said the script will be very similar to the production in 2007 with some updates. The story will still follow the classic Charles Dickens novel. The lead character, Ebenezer Scrooge, is a greedy old man who has no love for Christmas or helping his fellow man. He is then visited by three spirits, the past, the present and the things yet to come, to help him change his mind before it is too late.

“This is a show that is fun for the whole family,” says Taylor. A Christmas Carol will be presented at the Red Brick for 10 performances from December 2nd to 5th. Over the past 17 years, the HRH shows have become a major staple in the Edson community with over 1500 people attending each year.

Thus far, the reaction to the show has been completely positive with many people asking when tickets go on sale, and what actors should prepare for to get ready for auditions. “Tickets go on sale in early November,” says Taylor. “As for actors, get ready to have a lot of fun.”

With that, this announcement gives all the drama students, and indeed the entire Edson community, something to look forward to in the fall.