Acting-Assistant Principal Paul Tobin

We are living in a very unprecedented time with the schools being closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and students will be set to start learning online soon. So it comes to no surprise that when Holy Redeemer needed a new Acting-Assistant Principal, they turned to someone they could trust: Paul Tobin.

“Mr. Tobin has been an excellent teacher in our school division for the past 23 years,” says Principal Betty Churchill.  “If there is someone that will be a great partner in our Admin team to help navigate the next few months, I know the right person is him.”

Tobin has been teaching in Living Waters School Division since 1997, and at Holy Redeemer since the school opened in 2003. “I’m looking forward to working with Mrs. Churchill and our staff in presenting the best quality education that our students need during this very different time,” says Tobin. “We know there will challenges ahead, but I’m prepared to work together as a team in our students’ best interests.”

The primary focus for the Administration team will be rolling out courses online for the over 350 junior and senior high students. “One thing that Mr. Tobin brings to the table is a wealth of knowledge with Google Classroom,” says Churchill referring to the fact that Google Classroom will be principle way in which courses will be taught online at HRH. “Many of our staff have already been guided by Mr. Tobin on setting things up and connecting with our students.”

When asked what motivated Tobin to apply for the position he said, “I wanted to bring some stability during this time. There have been so many changes in the last few weeks, with perhaps more to come as the world continues to respond to this pandemic. I’m hoping the staff can trust me enough that we can get through this time together.”

There is no question that the staff at HRH trusts Tobin to do the job well. “He’s the right person for the job,” says Science Teacher Becky Gantz. “Many of us turn to him for advice and help with our classes, and he’s always willing to lend a helping hand.” Gantz’s comments echo the rest of the staff who look forward to working with both Tobin and Churchill.

Living Waters Superintendent Jo-Anne Lanctot is very excited to have Tobin rejoin the HRH Admin Team. “Mr. Tobin moves into this position with a wealth of knowledge and expertise as he has been a long term teacher and faithful servant to all at Holy Redeemer,” she says. “He has contributed to the overall success of students for several years at Holy Redeemer.”

Now the focus turns to rolling out Google Classroom. “Our plan is to roll out lessons starting on April 3rd,” says Churchill. “Our teachers will also be touching base with our students using Google Hangout or by phone.” Churchill added that handheld materials will be provided to those students who do not have internet access or computer devices at home.

“We understand that this time will be very different for everyone,” says Tobin. “But we know our teachers are going to do the best job they can so that our students continue to receive the best education that we can offer.”

And when asked if the students are excited to have Mr. Tobin join the Admin Team, one need only turn to the HRH Instagram page where Tyler Ferguson responded to the news by saying, “That’s awesome. Mr. Tobin is the GOAT.”

There you have it. Everyone is excited to have Mr. Tobin as HRH’s newest Acting-Assistant Principal.