March 18th Update

March 18, 2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers;

Living Waters Catholic Separate School Division (LWCCSD) wants to assure students and families that we are in the process of planning a method of delivering continued programming during these unprecedented times. Our plan is to provide programming that is clearly linked to the program of studies, is predictable, sustainable, and accessible to all of our Living Waters students. It is imperative that we work as partners in the continued education of our students; we are in this together.

Each teacher in Living Waters Catholic School Division will use Google Classroom to deliver content, links, and lessons to students. In order to access this content, students will need a device connected to the internet. Please note, if you have a desktop personal computer, laptop, or iPad at home, chances are that it will work just fine for your student to access Google Classroom. Accessibility via cellular phone is also an option If you can download the mobile App. Our school staff is in the process of contacting families to assess the level of access and availability to online support at home.

If you do not own a device, Living Waters Catholic School Division is working with technology suppliers to provide reasonably priced devices to our families. This information will be provided to our families once it is available.

If you do not have access to the internet, we will provide alternate materials that can be picked up at the school with a pre-arranged appointment.

Presently our technology team is creating online supports for parents, staff, and students who are not familiar with the platform, and these tutorials and documents will be provided to our families to support the learning that will continue.

We want to be mindful and thoughtful throughout this process and we are taking our time because we want to ensure that whatever we do moving forward meets the needs of our students and parents. We appreciate your patience and ask for your prayers as we embark on this journey of learning in these unprecedented times.


Jo-Anne Lanctot