Juniors Shine at GYAC

The Holy Redeemer Basketball Program continues to flourish year in and year out. And this year was no exception as the five Junior teams all competed at the annual GYAC Tournament on February 28th and 29th in Hinton.

“We had all five of our Junior teams competing as this year’s GYAC,” says HRH Athletics Director Julie Rothwell. “And we are so pleased at how everyone performed. Of the five teams, three of them came back with medals.”

The Junior A Girls have had a really impressive season and it continued at GYAC. Their opening game was an extremely competitive match against Grand Trunk that went back and forth all game. In the end, the Rebels emerged victorious by a mere three points, 39-36.

The Girls then moved to play Summitview in the their next game where they won again. The win gave them first place in their pool and sent them to the gold medal game. The final was a hard fought match between HRH and their opponents. Both teams put so much heart into the game and it all came down to the last 10 seconds where the other team pulled ahead. The final score was 27-25 earning the Rebels an impressive silver medal for their efforts.

The Junior A Boys took to the court in their first game against Gerard Redmond and downed their opponents from Hinton, 58-28. The next game did not work out for the Rebels’ squad, so they moved onto play in the bronze medal game. After a spirited game, the Rebels finished the tournament in fourth place.

Both the Junior A Boys and Girls teams will now turn their sights on the Zone Championships on March 6th. The Boys will be playing in Mayerthorpe and the Girls will be playing in Whitecourt.

The Junior B Boys had a very impressive weekend at GYAC. The Rebels won all three of their games to clinch the gold medal and a banner for HRH. “We always love when we can add to the many banners on the gym wall,” says Rothwell.

The Junior B Girls also had a successful weekend at GYAC. The team won two out of their three games to clinch the bronze medal.

The final HRH team that was in action was the Junior C Boys who were challenged to play in the B Division. Many people thought they would in over their heads, but these young men proved to be up to the challenge winning two of their three games against older and more experienced players. In the end, the Rebels finished in fifth place. “This certainly shows that the future of basketball is bright for these young men and for our school,” says Rothwell.

For three of these teams, the season has now come to a close, with the Junior A teams still preparing for Zones. “We all very proud of our students on HRH’s teams,” says Principal Betty Churchill. “A special thanks goes out to all of our volunteer coaches for dedicating their time to help make so many positive memories for our students.”