Junior One-Act Play

How many lies have you told?

If you struggle answering this question, then you’re going to love Holy Redeemer’s upcoming junior high one-act play, One Hundred Lies.

“This is the seventeenth junior high one-act we have produced at HRH,” says Drama Teacher Peter Taylor.  “Each year we choose a play that fits the group that we have in junior high. This group is very talented and this play offers some great challengers throughout.”

The play tells the story of Liz, who through the use of a scoreboard, tries to compete with her friends and family as to who has told the most lies. “Audiences will really connect to this concept,” says Taylor who add there is an additional twist with the show. “The show will be timed. Meaning, on the scoreboard we will be counting down the minutes until the play is over. This is going to be very challenging as we have to make sure the play is timed perfectly.” 

Taking on the lead role of Liz will be grade 8 student Delaney Kuilboer. “I’m scared,” says Kuilboer as the character has some gigantic monologues throughout the piece. “But I’m also really excited. It’s going to be a lot of work, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The one-act play will see the largest cast ever assembled for a junior high play with 15 grade 7 to 9 students. Taylor says “There is a great mix of newcomers and veteran performers in the show.”

Some of the veteran performers include Cassie Pilon (appearing in her sixth show at HRH), Shaelynn Dozorec (fifth show), and Peyton Blue, Kensley Bodner, Levi Kennedy, and Cassie Squire (all appearing in their fourth shows).

The play will also feature actors making their theatrical debuts and they include grade 8 students Aisha Bartolay and Charly Jones, and grade 7 student Burke Horvey. “It’s always great when we have new students joining our program,” says Taylor. “It shows that our program is continuing to grow and expand. These three young actors really impressed us in auditions and I can’t wait to see them take the stage for the first time.”

Rounding out the cast will be grade 9 students Josslyn Miller and Cody Van Beek, grade 8 students Emilee Bradet and Dylan Watson, and grade 7 student Hayden Roth.

Backing up the amazing cast will be a crew that is brand new to the world of backstage. The Stage Manager will be Vada Erickson, who is will be appearing in her fourth play at HRH. Meanwhile, the Assistant Stage Managers of Abby Bolones and Kaye Saldua, and Sound Technician Torrie Pilon will all be making their theatrical debuts with this show.

Audiences will be able to see One Hundred Lies at HRH’s Dessert Theatre on April 17th and 18th. Tickets go on sale in mid-March. In addition, the play will also be featured at the Zone Drama Festival that will be held right here in Edson on April 30th and May 1st.

With that, the cast and crew return to rehearsals to make this show one for the books.