Compost & Recycling Program

As climate change and the environment are hot issues for the general public, it is great to see the students at Holy Redeemer do their part to help preserve our environment. That’s why starting this school year the students have begun a new Compost and Recycling Program.

The program is the brainchild last year’s Social Studies 10-1 class. “We were tasked with starting the program,” says now current grade 11 student Morgan Steffler. “So we started phoning other schools who have the program. Both from in Edson and in BC.” The students also researched the many benefits to composting which includes lowering the waste to landfills, lowering our carbon footprint, and reducing the amount of CO2 emissions.

The students asked other schools how they started the program and the costs associated with starting. They then phoned the Edson & District Recycling Depot to get more information. Recycling Depot Manager Anne Auriat even came to the school to make a presentation to the class on how the program could be implemented at HRH.

The students then presented their findings to the HRH Administration Team of Principal Bill McGowan and Assistant Principal Diane Williams who both fully supported the idea and asked if the students would present the same information to the Board of Living Waters. They did so and the Board was really impressed.

This past spring the Edson Recycling Depot, with the help of the students, completed a waste audit at the school. The audit found that over 60% of the school’s waste could be diverted to composting, while only 5% was actual waste.

Knowing this information, former Principal McGowan and current Principal Betty Churchill allocated funds in the 2019-2020 budget to purchase the bins, bags and other materials needed to begin the program.

Over the summer, the Edson Recycling Depot and GFL dropped off and organized all the bins for the program to begin on the first day of school. And finally, after over nine months of work, the Composting and Recycling Program began on September 3rd.

“A lot of students are getting right into it,” says Steffler. “There is obviously a learning curve, but everyone is really jumping on board.”

Throughout the school there are numerous bins. Each classroom is set up with a small compost bin, while hallways are equipped with bins for bottles/cans, hard plastics, soft plastics, compost, metal/tin, paper and cardboard.

“This is very comprehensive program and we are extremely proud of our students who took the initiative to take this on,” says Churchill. “In addition, all the help from the Recycle Depot, GFL, and our amazing custodians show this was a team effort.”

The school held a kick-off barbeque on September 6th where local dignitaries and volunteers attended including Town of Edson Mayor Kevin Zahara, Town Councillors Trevor Bevan and Jacqui Currie, Yellowhead County Mayor Gerald Soroka, GFL representative Gean Chouinard, and Recycling Depot representative Louise Connolly.

Feel free to drop by the school to see how everything looks, and to see how the HRH students and staff are doing their part to preserve our environment.