HRH Welcomes New Teacher

This year, Holy Redeemer will see a new teacher walking the halls of their school: Mr. Thomas Shiell.

“I’m really excited to start teaching,” says Shiell.  “This is my first full time teaching job and I can’t wait to get started.”

Shiell grew up on a farm just outside Camrose and graduated from Augustana University with a degree in History before pursing his Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta. He graduated from the U of A in 2018. “I really wanted to become a teacher to help people, especially youth, learn new things.”

After graduating, Shiell then spent some time teaching overseas. “When I graduated, I spent the first four months teaching in the UK,” he says. “From September to December 2018 I substituted in Plymouth. It was a really great experience.”

After spending the last few months subbing in Blackgold School Division, Shiell landed the job at HRH.

When asked about his teaching assignment, Schiell said he’s right in his comfort zone. “My major in university was Social Studies and my minor was English Language Arts,” he says. This matches his classes perfectly as he will be teaching English Language Arts 7, Social Studies 20-2, English Language Arts 20-2, and Film Studies. “I’m a bit of film buff, so I’m really excited to teach Film Studies as well.”

Thus far, Shiell says he loves the environment at HRH. “I really like it here. The people are so friendly and helpful. Not to mention, being in Edson is perfect. We’re close to the mountains while at the same time not far away from the city.”

When asked what he is most excited about, Shiell said he is really looking forward to teaching Social Studies, especially World War I and World War II. “As a history buff, that’s really my thing.”

The staff would like to welcome Shiell to the HRH team and look forward to seeing him action.

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