Coffee Cart Program a Success!

Ask anyone, the coffee at Holy Redeemer is delicious! And it is all thanks to the dedicated students in the Knowledge & Employability and Life Skills Program.

“The students have organized this program since the beginning of the year,” says K&E and Life Skills Teacher Debbie Smith. “Everything from making the coffee and treats, taking orders and money, and distributing it to the staff.

The Coffee Cart Program takes place every Wednesday and sees the students place order cards on the doors of the classrooms in the school. Staff members make their orders by filling in the card and paying for the items. The students make the coffee (which comes in various flavours and types), along with various treats and goodies and distributes it to the staff – complete with a smile.

Smith says that the students have used the funds from the Coffee Cart in various ways this year. The students were given many opportunities to go out into the community and put into practice some real-life skills. “The students went shopping for groceries needed for the Coffee Cart baking,” says Smith. “And also went out to eat at various restaurants.”

The students’ first outing was breakfast at Smitty’s. The students were given a specific amount of money to spend on their breakfast. They had to decide what to order, calculate the amount and then place their own order.

“The second outing saw them go to Tim Hortons,” says Smith. “This time they were given $6.00 cash in hand to spend. They had to calculate, order and receive the change from the cashier.”

The third and final outing will be coming up before the end of the school year at Subway for lunch in which the students will again practice social skills and money skills.

“In addition to going out into the community, the students have been learning how to sew, thanks to our very talented (Teacher Assistant) Mrs. Jane Arndt,” says Smith who says that over the years the students have made coffee/tea mug rugs, table runners and pot holders.

Needless to say, the staff at HRH have absolutely fallen in love with the Coffee Cart Program. “These kids are the best part of Wednesdays,” says Science Teacher Becky Gantz.

“Wednesday is my favourite day because of the coffee cart and the wonderful students and staff who provide the best ice coffee and sweet treats,” says Principal Betty Churchill. “They make my heart smile. I’m so proud of all their hard work, success and positive vibes!”

“This program, students and staff involved make me proud to be a part of the HRH family,” says Social Studies Teacher Pat Fogarty.

“I love the program, the kids and the staff involved,” says English Teacher Alison Minelli.

“The growth that these students have shown is truly remarkable,” says Art Teacher Sandy Fedorak. “They bring so much joy to our school. We are so very proud of them.” Fedorak even spoke about the spontaneous standing ovation to grade 12 Life Skills student Adrian Ocampo during the Graduation Ceremony. “All of the grade 12 students were so proud of him.”

The Coffee Cart Program will continue next year. “The students would like to thank everyone for their continuing support,” says Smith. “Without our school’s undying support, these amazing opportunities would not be available to our class. We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts!”