Junior Drama Festival

The Holy Redeemer Drama Department continues to produce high quality work. From their main stage productions in December, to their one-act plays in the spring, audiences are always impressed with the high quality of work from the students. And this year, the Junior Drama Kids really impressed audiences at the annual Drama Festival.

The Junior High Zone 2 West Drama Festival took place on May 2nd and 3rd in Barrhead and featured 11 plays from different schools in Edson, Barrhead, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Westlock, and Whitecourt. HRH’s entry into the Festival was the hilarious comedy This Is a Text.

The play told the story of Sophia, played by grade 9 student Katie Blue, who must write the most important test of her life amid a number of different distractions.

The play kicked off the Festival on the first night and was very well received by both the audience and the adjudicator. “He (the adjudicator) asked us a lot of good questions,” says Blue. “And after three months of working on this show, he seemed impressed we had all the answers.” In addition, the audience kept buzzing throughout the two-day Festival about the comedic timing of the cast and the numerous jokes that students understand about the stress of writing tests.

After they were done showcasing their play, the 18 members of the cast and crew got to sit back and watch the other 10 plays. “There were a lot of very good plays,” says grade 9 student Zoe Schwitz who played the role of the teacher Ms. Bropila. “We were all really impressed with so many plays. We definitely learned a lot.”

On the last night of the Festival, it has become tradition for the students in all of the plays to dance the night away in a special dance. “It’s a great way for the students to interact with one another,” says Drama Teacher Peter Taylor. “Unlike sports competitions, we’re all here to support one another. These students clap and cheer for each other. That’s what makes Drama Festival so special for so many people.”

After the dance came the Awards Ceremony, and it was obvious that HRH was in the top tier of plays. The show won awards Best Backstage Teamwork and Best Stage Crew after the amazing work of their crew: Josina Kennedy, Haley Squire, Keely Bowman and Emma Kreshewski. The play also won three Honourable Mentions for Acting to Blue, Schwitz, and Ethan Toner for his hilarious portrayal of Germy – the nerdy kid with lots of medical issues.

“All of the students involved in this show put so much work into this play, it was great to see them rewarded for their efforts,” says Taylor. “The bus ride home saw a lot of smiles and few tears now that the show is over, but that mean that they loved it so much.”

With the Junior High Festival now complete, the 2018-2019 drama season has come to a close. However, students will now begin preparations for next year’s main stage production: Chicago: High School Edition, which will run from December 4th to 7th. Look for tickets to go on sale in early November.