Dessert Theatre Showcases Amazing Talent

They laughed, they cried, they were terrified.

These were various emotions the over 450 people who attended the Holy Redeemer Drama Department’s Dessert Theatre felt on April 12th and 13th.

The two-night event featured three one-act plays for audiences to enjoy. On Friday, grade 12 student Kiley Bischke made her directorial debut presenting the play You Do Love Me, Don’t You?. The play told the story of Peta-Ann (Ava Simmons) introducing her boyfriend, Leon (Thomas Pennings), to her parents. But all is not what is seems as Leon begins to have sinister plans to murder Peta-Ann’s family. Pennings pulls off the twisted role very well showing his kind and caring side to Peta-Ann, while turning into a psychotic monster when he is left with her family. Bischke made a bold decision to direct such a dark play, but the audience really enjoyed it, especially when she began her play with some strong comedic elements courtesy of Peta-Ann’s mother (Rena Fakreddine), father (Tyler Ferguson) and sister (Morgan Steffler). Bischke’s stage crew of Sean Fogarty, Ashley Bischke, Stephen Domshy, and Elias Tobin should also be complimented with their assistance to create a thrilling effect of a heartbeat.

On Saturday, audiences were shown the story of a divorced couple struggling to deal with the death of their daughter in the play, Hello Darkness My Old Friend. Grade 12 student Alaina Furegati directed this dramatic story that featured strong performances from the actors: grade 12 students Austin Frazer and Jaden Gauchier, and grade 10 student Jayna Fedorak. The three’s chemistry was perfect from the very beginning to the final cue. And the audiences emotional standing ovation at the end was proof that the cast and crew made a strong connection with them. Just as the other senior high show had, the play’s crew of Mekha George, Danielle Bittner, Alexa Bodner, and Kirsten Landry helped to bring the story’s setting to life.

The final play that was presented over both nights was the junior high play, This Is a Text. The play tells the story of Sophia who must write the most important test of her life despite the many distractions that she faces including texts and some imagined events throughout the play. Grade 9 student Katie Blue took on the lead role of Sophia with tons of physical comedy, style, and a great emotional display at the end of the play. Other veteran actors assisted with show including Zoe Schwitz’s stern portrayal of the teacher Ms Bropila, Ethan Toner’s hilarious and sweet turn as Germy, Kaidance Gauchier’s supportive and frustrated character of Lois, and Jesse Cesario’s nervous and twitchy portrayal of Rudolph. The play also saw a number of students making their one-acts debut including Peyton Blue, Kensley Bodner, Maddy Burnett, Shaelynn Dozorec, Delaney Kuilboer, Micah Loewen, Cassie Squire, and Cody Van Beek – each of them portraying their characters with professionalism and commitment. And one character that really stole the show was grade 8 student Cassie Pilon as she played the Test Voice who slowly transformed into a clown with each passing scene. The play was tremendously tech heavy, but it was handled with ease by the crew of Josina Kennedy, Keely Bowman, Emma Kreshewski, and Haley Squire. Needless to say, the audience was left laughing.

The three plays now turn their focus towards the Zone Drama Festival. The senior high plays will head to Westlock from April 25th to 27th, while the junior high plays will go to Barrhead on May 2nd and 3rd.

And at the end of Saturday, Drama Teacher Peter Taylor made a huge announcement by declaring that the next HRH main stage production will be Chicago: High School Edition. Something to look forward for sure.