New Principal: Mrs. Churchill

Memo: Principalship

As you are aware, Mr. Bill McGowan will be retiring from his Principalship at the end of June 2019. I would like to thank Bill for his commitment and leadership as Principal, Assistant Principal and Teacher at Holy Redeemer School over the past 29 years. He has served our students well in all these capacities and for that we are truly grateful. In the areas of managing operations and providing resources, he has been a true and faithful servant to those In his care. 

Here at Living Waters Catholic Schools, leadership across the division is taken very seriously, and therefore, it is with great confidence that I am pleased to announce that In the 2019/2020 school year, Mrs. Betty Churchill will be assuming her new role as Principal of Holy Redeemer High School. Mrs. Churchill has a wealth of leadership experience and is committed to providing quality programming for all students in an inclusive setting. She has been instrumental in providing quality programming for all students in an Inclusive setting. She has been instrumental in providing quality leadership in a faith-filled, safe and caring environment for students, staff and families at Vanierfor the past 19 years and for her service to Vanier, we are truly grateful.

To ensure a smooth transition in leadership, Mrs. Churchill will begin the transition to her new role starting April 23, 2019. This will allow her time to work in tandem and alongside with Holy Redeemer Principal, Mr. McGowan prior to his retirement, to assist with the planning for the next school year.

We are committed to providing strong leadership at Vanier and Holy Redeemer School to ensure that quality learning and programming in an optimal faith-filled learning environment is provided for all students and we look forward to our schools continued success in all areas.

Thank you for your continued support in all matters.


Jo-Anne Lanctot