Senior Men Win Zones

This year, the Holy Redeemer Basketball Program has won numerous tournaments and banners, some in close and exciting games. But none was closer than the Senior Men’s team when they captured their seventh Zone Championship in the past eight years.

The Zone Championship was held in Devon on March 8th and 9th. The Rebels entered the weekend ranked first in the zone, which meant they would receive a bye in the first round and an automatic entry in the semi-final.

The semi-final saw them face Mayerthorpe – a team they have faced numerous times in the past few zone championships. This time, the Rebels made short work of their opponents winning 81-42.

The win would place them in the gold medal game against their Catholic rivals from Hinton – Gerard Redmond. The game was tense from beginning to end. At one point in the game, Hinton was winning by 10 points.

From there, the Rebels had to dig deep. Here they depended on some veteran players to lead the way. First and foremost was grade 12 student Justin Breault who held the team together by scoring a whopping 31 points. Another key player came in the way of Neil Korolischuk who won a ton of key rebounds to keep the Rebels close. And finally, grade 11 student Anthony Warren made some major plays to help the Rebels get the lead. 

The game came down to the last minute that saw the sold out crowd cheering at the top of their lungs. With the Rebels up by one, Hinton threw a Hail Mary ball to win the game, only to bounce it off the backboard, and then the buzzer sounded to end the game. The Rebels squad had a moment of relief and then erupted into a massive huddle on the court. Final score of the game was 69-68.

“It was certainly an emotional game,” says grade 10 student Elias Tobin. “Both teams worked really hard. It could have gone either way and we were lucky enough to take the win.”

The Rebels will now advance to the 2019 2A Boys Basketball Provincial Championship. The Rebels will be ranked 10th and play games from March 13th to 16th.

And no matter how they fair at Provincials, the team will still get to hang another Zone Championship banner next to all of the others in the gymnasium at HRH.