March 4 A Cure Silent Auction, March 15th

Each and every March, the students and staff at Holy Redeemer come together for a great cause: March 4 A Cure. This month-long fundraiser is to raise money for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

“In the past eight years we have raised over $93,000,” says March 4 A Cure Organizer Mike Bachinsky. “Each year a number of very committed students step forward to help organize a number of fundraising activities where all the proceeds are donated to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.”   

Thus far, the students have organized a Basketball Shooting competition at lunch and candy jar guesses. Both are always fan favourites throughout the school at lunch. During the second week of March, the students continued with a Bake Sale and Cancer Sucks event at lunchtime. In addition, the students organized the very first March 4 A Cure Dance 4 A Cure for the students.

All of these activities are leading up to the big event – the Silent Auction. On Friday, March 15th, the foyer at Holy Redeemer will be filled with numerous items donated by individuals and businesses.

“Local businesses always step forward to donate to this auction making it a true community effort,” says Bachinsky who expects somewhere between 50 and 60 items up for auction. There will also be complimentary snacks and refreshments, and all community members are welcome to attend. The event runs from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

This year is also a very special year for March 4 A Cure, as they zero in on breaking the $100,000 mark in donations. “This is completely incredible,” says Bachinsky. “I can’t believe how big this annual event has grown and for such a great cause.”