Junior One-Act Play

Ask anyone who attends the cast announcements of the plays at Holy Redeemer what it is like and they will tell you it is filled with the most energy and enthusiasm found anywhere. And on February 15th, the Drama Room at HRH was packed with many drama kids hoping to be a part of this year’s one-act play, This Is a Text.

“Audition week is always a stressful week because we have so much talent at this school,” says Drama Teacher Peter Taylor. “Each and every student stepped up to showcase their skills, but at the end of the day we believe we have put together the best cast and crew we could have created.”   

This Is a Text by Stephen Gregg tells the story of a young girl, Sophia (grade 9 student Katie Blue), who must write the biggest test of her life without having studied.

“This play is so interesting because it’s kind of a sequel to a show we performed ten years ago,” says Taylor. “That show went over really well and we know with this year’s cast and crew we will have another very fun time as well.” Taylor also mentioned that during the course of the play, the adults in the audience will learn what it is like for students to write a test in the present day.

The play will perform at the school’s upcoming Dessert Theatre on April 12th and 13th, and at the Zone Drama Festival in Barrhead in early May.

The students are tremendously excited to begin rehearsals. “I’m so excited for this show,” says Blue, who now acting in her sixth play and third one-act at Holy Redeemer. “And going to Festival is always a blast.”

The play is filled with numerous students with a ton of acting experience. Grade 9 students Zoe Schwitz (Ms. Bropila), Ethan Toner (Germy), and Jesse Cesario (Rudolph) will all be returning to Festival for their third year. In addition, grade 8 students Cairis Adams (Lois) and Cassie Pilon (Test Voice) will acting in their fourth plays and second one-acts.

A number of actors will be making their one-act / Festival debuts including Delaney Kuilboer (Jude), Micah Loewen (Mr. Greenpeace), Maddy Burnett (Chita), Kensley Bodner (Carol), Peyton Blue and Cassie Squire (Committee Members), and Shaelynn Dozorec (Student). On top on this, Cody Van Beek (Student) will be making his theatrical debut.

“This cast is very well rounded,” says Taylor. “I’m really excited to be working with them over the next two months.”

Supporting the cast will see grade 9 students Josina Kennedy and Kaidance Gauchier as the Stage Manager and Sound Technician respectively, while newcomer grade 7 student Keely Bowman will be the Assistant Stage Manager.

Tickets will be for the Dessert Theatre will go on sale in mid-March and will be $10 each.

HRH has had a great history at the Zone Drama Festival as the school has won Best Production at the Festival eight times over the past 15 years. “All that aside, we just want to put on a great show,” says Taylor. “And with this cast and crew, I’m confident we will do just that.