Senior One-Acts Ready to Go

Audition week at Holy Redeemer is always a stressful and long week. The students continuously put their heart and souls into their work for the hope to participate in this year’s senior high one-acts, and for the opportunity to represent HRH at this year’s Zone Drama Festival.

And when the dust settled, 18 grade 10 to 12 students stood tall and ready to take on their cast and crew roles over the next two months.

“It was a crazy time,” says student director and grade 12 student Alaina Furegati. “We were supposed to have auditions last week (February 4th to 6th), but the buses were cancelled and that put us into the following week. It was a long time to wait for sure, but everyone put so much effort into their auditions.”   

Furegati will be directing the one-act play Hello Darkness My Old Friend. It tells the story of a divorced couple (played by grade 12 students Austin Frazer and Jaden Gauchier) and their relationship with their daughter Jo (grade 10 student Jayna Fedorak).

“It’s very emotional show,” says Furegati, who has been a longtime crew member for the HRH Program. “I’m looking forward to starting out rehearsal process.” The crew will be made up of Mekha George, Danielle Bittner, Alexa Bodner and Kirsten Landry.

The second one-act play, entitled You Do Love Me, Don’t You?”, tells the story of a young girl (grade 11 student Ava Simmons) bringing home her boyfriend (grade 11 student Thomas Pennings) to meet her family (Grade 12 student Rena Fakhreddine, and grade 10 students Tyler Ferguson and Morgan Steffler). Rounding out the crew will be Sean Fogarty, Ashley Bischke, Stephen Domshy and Elias Tobin.

“This experience has been really hard thus far,” says Kiley Bischke referring to the process of choosing a script and selecting a cast from the wide number of talented performers at HRH. “But I know it’s only going to get harder. That said, I also know I have an amazing cast and crew and I can’t wait to see what they can do.”

Drama Teacher Peter Taylor is also very excited to begin the rehearsal process. “Both Alaina and Kiley have proven they are very committed to putting on some amazing shows. I know audiences are really in for a treat.”

Both plays are preparing for the school’s 16th Annual Dessert Theatre on April 12th and 13th. Tickets will be $10 each and will go on sale in mid-March.

In addition, the two plays will represent HRH at the Zone Drama Festival in Westlock from April 25th to 27th. Holy Redeemer’s track record is extremely impressive at the Festival as they have won Best Production eight times and Runner Up three times in the past 15 years.

That said, before audiences get to see the final product, the students must rehearse. Something they are excited to do over the next two months.