GYAC Banner

The Volleyball Program at Holy Redeemer certainly ended their 2018 season with a bang at the Grande Yellowhead Athletics Conference Championship on November 20th.

“The students worked incredibly hard to finish the season strong,” says Junior A Boys Head Coach Melanie MacDonald-Winsor. “All of the teams played really well throughout the day and the results speak for themselves.”   

All four Junior Rebels teams were in action during the day’s championship tournament. The Junior A Boys and Girls teams played their games at Parkland, while the Junior B teams hosted their division at Holy Redeemer.

The Junior A Boys played their first two games, winning one and losing one, which placed them in second place in their pool. They then faced off against Niton in the quarter-final where they emerged victorious placing them in the semi-final against Parkland. After a close back and forth match, the Rebels won the close contest to advance to the gold medal game against Jasper. The final was a spirited contest that featured a lot of key plays by some of the Rebels’ veteran grade 9 players. And when the dust settled, the Rebels won the game along with the gold medal and their first GYAC Banner in the school’s history.

“This is a pretty big moment for this team and our school,” says MacDonald-Winsor. “I’m extremely proud of these athletes for their amazing effort this season and especially today.”

The Junior A Boys gold medalists were Riley Ahlefeldt, Levi Beckmann, David Gomez, Jadon Brown, Tayte Zaporosky, Sterling Jones, Carson Cherrington, Adison Kiland, Rhett Bourque, Riley Antonello, Jared Williams, and Brodie Schutz.

The Junior A Girls also had a very successful GYAC Tournament that saw them win the silver medal after a hard fought day of games. The team was made up of grade 9 students Savannah Arnholtz, Haley Bishop, Ashley Byers, Lea Chomniak, Josina Kennedy, Halle Schutz, and Jayda Eichhorn, along with grade 8 students Immogen Glascow, Ava Kerr, Brooklyn Langridge, Madison Materi, Rosie Peterson, Dylan Todd, and Janaye Wright.

The Junior B teams also saw success on the court in their division. The Junior B Boys won bronze and the Junior B Girls got fourth place. The Girls squad is made up of Danika Whelan, Charlotte Glasgow, Pearl Clark, Allison Giroux, Lexa Proskow, Hayley Pardy, Kaylynn Westman, and Keely Bowman. The Boys team is made up of Jordan Murry, Josh Laurin, Terner Meropoulis, Shawn Williams, Max Steffler, Ethan Breault, Skylar Bodner, Renard Pasion, Jace Eichorn, Kayson Lamabe, Liam Perrin, Parker Vanderveen, Jarret Schwitz, and Jacob Wolfe.

With the HRH Volleyball Program now over for another year, the school is very excited that they get to hang their first Junior A Boys GYAC Banner on the gymnasium wall.