Remembrance Day

This speech was written and presented by Jake Francis, President of Students' Union, at the HRH Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 8th.

100 years ago, the Great War ended. It was one of the most violent conflicts the world had ever seen.  Many lives were lost on either side of the war, millions of them. Millions of people, human beings, like you and I. Those who fought were not steel faced machines, they were not programs with a single function. They are not characters in a story. These soldiers, were just like you and me. Those who fought were fathers, sons, mothers, daughters and brothers and sisters, This war was fought from the factory to the frontline. They were our grandparents, our forefathers.  They were people who beared the burden of gas and shrapnel, fire and lead, starvation and thurst.  This was the burden of war. On the other end of a rifle, was someone who loved, and is loved.  Canadians naive and brave, anxious and excited, young and old, went off to fight in war. They were Canada's bravest. But bravery didn't always bring our soldiers home. But it is their sacrifices at The Somme, Paschendale, and triumph at Vimy Ridge which gave us our great nation as it is today. Not only do we remember them, but we pause to remember all who served to protect our beautiful country in the past, and present. We remember those who went into the howling dark, but did not return.  It is their sacrifice, which allows us to live freely, And it is their courage and bravery, which they pass on to us, to face an uncertain world. Their deaths, will never be in vain, so long as our hearts burn with thier love for freedom and liberty. So long as a Canadian flag stands in the wind. We will never forget their sacrifces, or their victories. We will remember. Lest We Forget.