GrACE Launch

On November 4, Catholic Education Sunday, the newly formed provincial Catholic Education Advocacy group: GrACE will officially launch across the province.  This group, a cooperative organization supported by the ACSTA, CCSSA and the Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories and Yukon, is looking for your ongoing support. Over the past year all three organizations have participated in constructive dialogue and visioning and we are excited to see this endeavour come to fruition.  Attached is a flyer introducing GrACE.  Archbishop Smith has sent the flyer to the bishops and parishes across Alberta so that it can be made available in each parish this coming weekend.  GrACE is asking that we communicate and collaborate on this initiative and wish to request the following from you:

1.        Ensure that your parish received the flyer and that they have the plan and the means to make the flyers available for distribution this weekend.   Any support you can provide your parishes in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

2.        Consider how your school district would like to share this flyer with your stakeholders.  Please give thought to posting it on your social media networks, including it in school newsletters or special emails, websites and Facebook pages and/or mail outs to your families, teachers and communities.

3.       Share your great ideas with GrACE so that they can be shared with others. Bonnie Annicchiarico, GrACE Director, can be reached at

Archbishop Smith is preparing a brief video that will introduce GrACE to the parishes and we encourage you to access this video through your parish.  Please feel free to use the video in your own communications as well.

As we celebrate Catholic Education this weekend we can be so grateful for the opportunity to share faith in our Catholic schools.  Let this weekend be one of thanksgiving for what we have, but also a call to protect and preserve our schools.   ACSTA strongly supports and encourages all members to get behind GrACE to assist ACSTA, CCSSA, and the bishops in supporting and advocating for Catholic education.


Serena Shaw

ACSTA President