Grease Tickets on Sale, November 6th!

The wait is finally over. As of 8 am on Tuesday, November 6th, tickets for Holy Redeemer’s production of Grease: School Version go on sale.

“This has been one of the most highly anticipated shows we’ve ever produced,” says Drama Teacher Peter Taylor.  “So many people have been asking when are tickets going on sale. The 6th has always been the date, and now we get to see how fast we’ll sell out.” 

Over 50 grade 7 to 12 students are set to take part in the musical production, which happens to be the school’s sixteenth production and third musical.

The production is set to run from December 5th to December 8th at the Red Brick Arts Centre, with nightly performances at 7:00 pm as well as two matinee performances at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm on the 8th.  Tickets are $15. On top of these shows, the cast and crew will perform four more shows for students from Vanier, Pine Grove, Westhaven, Niton, Parkland, and the adults from SCOPE. An estimated audience of 1500 people will be attending the four-day run.

Taylor also mentioned that this show has added some new dynamics to their annual production. For one, the intense choreography. “We are so lucky to have the services of Amy Wesolowsky of Edson Recreational Dance,” says Taylor. “She has choreographed a number of dance routines for us. The students absolutely love it.”

Tickets for the four day run are expected to sell out fast if previous years are any indication. Last year’s production of The Lion King sold out in less than 90 minutes, perhaps making the argument that the need for a new larger theatre in Edson has never been greater.

As the students continue to rehearse, one can easily see they are really having a great time. “This has been such a fun show,” says grade 12 student Rena Fakhreddine who will be playing the role of Marty. “I feel like this group has really bonded well together.”

Grade 10 student Jayna Fedorak and grade 11 student Thomas Pennings will be taking on the lead roles of Sandy and Danny. “These rehearsals have been a lot of fun,” says Pennings. “I think we got some pretty cool elements in the show, and I can’t wait for the audience to see the show. That, and the songs are so much fun to sing!”

“A lot of people have been working very hard behind the scenes to make this production a success,” says Fedorak. “From the set designers, painters, construction, costume ladies, hair and makeup; and wait until you see the car. It looks awesome!”

Rounding out the major cast members are Stephen Domshy (Doody), Tyler Ferguson (Roger), Austin Frazer (Kenickie), Jaden Gauchier (Rizzo), Morgan Steffler (Jan), and Kaelan Tait (Sonny).

And with that, the cast and crew are off to keep singing those classic songs, learning the awesome choreography, and having a ton of fun.

Grease: School Version is written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. 

Call 780-723-7437 for tickets and information.