Coffee Cart

The students in the Inclusive Education Department at Holy Redeemer are very excited to introduce their newest venture: a travelling “barista” coffee service.

“We wanted a way for the students to learn a variety of skills,” says Inclusive Education Teacher Brandy Schutz. “This way would give students the opportunity to learn basic cooking, math and social skills.”

HRH started this program only a few weeks ago and it has been running extremely well. Once a week, staff members at HRH receive an order form with a list of beverages. There are a number of options including regular coffee, mocha swirl coffee, a selection of herbal teas and hot chocolate. All beverages cost $1. Staff members then circle the option of their choice and hang it on their classroom door. The students then pick up forms, prepare the beverages and deliver them straight to the staff member’s door. Talk about service!

“As the year progresses, we hope to be able to expand the service to include more options and perhaps even serve to other students as well,” says Schutz.

Once the students make the delivery, staff members will be provided with three options for cream (regular, flavoured and double mate) and sugar for the coffee they chose. Payment is then received by the student when the upon delivery.

Thus far the staff have really loved this service. “I got to have my coffee in the morning,” says Fitness Teacher Paul Tobin. “Having it delivered to me is an extra bonus.”

“These students have really embraced this initiative,” says Principal Bill McGowan. “We are so pleased to see them learning in a hands-on way that will help with their future life skills.”

                With this program now in place, you can count on the staff at HRH to have their caffeine fix served with a smile.