Drama Department to Perform Grease!

The Holy Redeemer Drama Department finally announced their next main stage production. And it is going to be the smash-hit musical Grease: School Version.

Each year, the Drama Department makes the announcement at the school’s annual Dessert Theatre in April. However, due to the popularity of Grease, it took the school a bit longer to secure the rights for the production.

“This was by far the longest time we’ve ever waited,” says Drama Teacher Peter Taylor.  “It was the most popular question I’ve been asked for the last month. But early last week, we secured the rights and scheduled a day to make the announcement.” 

The special announcement took place on Friday, May 25th in a very packed Drama Room at HRH. Over 50 students and staff crammed into the Drama Room to be the first to find out. The announcement was also shown live around the world via Facebook Live. This included the grade 6 classes at Vanier School, since they will be coming to HRH in the fall.

“Lots of people tuned in to watch,” says Taylor. “It was pretty cool. By the end of the day over 1000 people had watched the video, which I guess shows how excited people are.”

Needless to say, the people who are the most excited are the students within the Drama Program. “I’m so excited I can barely stand,” says grade 10 Ava Simmons who will be one of the many students showing up to audition in September. “This show is a dream come true. Everyone is just all the wall excited.”

Auditions for Grease will be September 10th to 13th, with tickets going on sale on November 6th. The show will be presented 10 times from December 5th to 8th. This past year, HRH’s production of The Lion King, Jr sold out in the less than 90 minutes. It is highly expected that Grease will sell out in ever faster.

“Now that the announcement is over, the work begins,” says Taylor. “Expectations are extremely high for this show, so we know we have to be really prepared. And based on their past work, I know this cast and crew will live up to the hype.”