Junior Drama Wins Big at Festival

It was another successful Festival weekend for the Holy Redeemer Drama Department. This time, the junior high group, which was showcased by the play Cut, took to the stage to shine.

The play won a total of one award and four honourable mentions, and also received high praise from the adjudicator and the audience.

“The students in the cast and crew performed extremely well,” says Drama Teacher Peter Taylor.  “This play was so much fun to rehearse and the group looked like they had so much fun performing it.”

Cut is essentially about a play within a play within a play within a play and so on and so forth. It takes the audience on a comedic ride to guess when they are going to get into the real play. The only thing is, they never do.

“The adjudicator said some extremely positive things about everyone in the cast and crew,” says Taylor. “She was so positive and extremely enjoyed the performance.” Taylor also mentioned that the group received a lot of praise throughout the two-day festival from the other participating schools. “We always talk about we perform theatre. And if the audience loves what you do, then that should be one of the number one reasons,” says Taylor.

The one award the play won was for Best Actress to grade 9 student Jayna Fedorak, which marks the second Best Actress Award she has won in the past three years. “It feels really good to have your work recognized likes this,” says Fedorak. “I’m so proud of the entire cast and crew for their amazing work.”

Four other members of the cast and crew received honourable mentions for their work. Grade 9 student Mekha George won Best Stage Manager, grade 9 student Elias Tobin won Best Sound Technician, grade 9 student Morgan Steffler won Best Actress, and grade 7 student Levi Kennedy won Best Actor.

In addition to their amazing performance on the stage, the group also represented the school extremely well off the stage. When the Best Production play, which was from Woodhaven School in Spruce Grove, finished their performance the HRH students were the first to give them a standing ovation, followed by going up to them and telling them they loved the show. And after the play officially won the Best Production Award, HRH was the only school to congratulate them on their amazing show and their much-deserved win. “This makes me proud to see our students hugging and congratulating students from other schools,” says Taylor. “We have this friendly competition, but in the end we are all part of a huge drama family.”

With that, the HRH theatre season comes to a close for the 2017-2018 school year. The program now turns their attention to next year’s main stage production that will be announced later in the month via a Facebook Live event. Stay tuned to the HRH Facebook page for details.