Dessert Theatre Tickets on Sale

With the snow melting and the beginnings of spring, it time for the Holy Redeemer Drama Department to showcase their annual one-act plays at their spring Dessert Theatre.

“This is the fifteenth year of our Dessert Theatre,” says Drama Teacher Peter Taylor.  “Over those fifteen years we have so many talented students showcase their performance skills through some amazing plays. And this year is no different.”

The Dessert Theatre is scheduled for April 13th and 14th and will feature three one-act plays. On the 13th, audiences will see Tennessee Williams’ Portrait of a Madonna, which is one of the senior high plays, and the junior high play entitled Cut. The 14th will feature Cut again with the other senior high play, The Song of Louise in the Morning

“All three plays are very different and offer different challenges to our students,” says Taylor.

Portrait of a Madonna is being directed by grade 12 student Ethan Tobin. It tells the story of Lucretia Collins (Samantha Darr-Desrosiers), a woman who sits on the edge of madness as she tells her story to two men (Austin Frazer and Thomas Pennings) in her aging apartment. “It is so different from what I’ve ever done before,” says Darr-Desrosiers. “This role has been so challenging and so emotionally draining. I can’t wait to see what audiences say.”

The Song of Louise in the Morning is also a drama about a strained and broken marriage between Stanley (Quinn Larder) and Louise (Ava Simmons). “I’m so used to playing younger roles, either children or teenagers, so this experience has been so new to me,” says Simmons. “But our director (grade 12 student Kaitlyn Krebs) has really helped me along and I think it’s going very well.”

The junior high play, Cut, is a play within a play within a play within a play within…well, you get the idea. The cast says the audience will have to think on their feet to keep up to all the funny twists and turns in the play.

Tickets for the Dessert Theatre are $10 each and are available at the school office. And what would a dessert theatre be without the desserts. “The desserts are $2 each for the biggest slice of cake you’ve ever seen,” says Taylor. “It’s very much a tradition with our shows and we want to continue that.”

With that, you can bet that audiences will be entertained and filled some delicious goodness.