Basketball Program One of the Best

It is no secret that Holy Redeemer has a very successful Basketball Program, and this season is looking to be one of the school’s most successful seasons.

“The commitment level of the students in this program is amazing,” says Athletics Team Lead and Senior Men’s team Head Coach Peter Saik.  “They are the one who really put in the effort to make this program what is and what it has become!”

This year, there are eight teams that will be competing for the school. The teams include a Senior Men’s team, a JV Boys team, a Senior Girls team, a Junior A Boys and Girls team, a Junior B Boys and Girls team, and the Junior C Boys team. Needless to say, there will be a lot of basketball games at HRH.

The teams show their commitment by the various times they can be seen practicing. “Our senior teams practice between 6:30 and 8 am, while the junior teams practice afterschool up until about 6:30,” says Saik. “And although it may be early or late, these students have come to play and improve their skills.”

All of the teams have played a variety of tournaments thus far during the 2017-2018 season. On January 13th, the Senior Men’s, Junior A Boys and Junior A Girls all won gold at various tournaments.

“This really shows these students have come to play,” says Saik.

All of the teams will continue to play various league games and tournaments en route to the Zone Championships in March. All of the teams have won medals in recent years, especially the Senior Men’s team who won gold from 2013 to 2016. This gave the team the honour to represent the Zone at the Basketball Provincials. In 2017, although the team did not win Zones, they still got to go to provincials as they were hosted at Holy Redeemer where the Rebels squad finished in a very impressive seventh place.

So as the 2018 season continues to roll on, expect to see some more medals and hopefully some more banners on the gym wall at HRH. If past accomplishments are indicative of what to expect, the HRH Basketball Program is expected to see some more success in the future.