Music Courses

Junior High

Music 7/8/9

Junior Music is a one-term course covering the basics of the instrument and an application of essential music fundamentals. Students will learn the basics of playing guitar (or another band instrument) at a beginning level through studying music notation, chord symbols, and peer modeling. The main objective of this course is to create an enhanced appreciation for music through playing of an instrument. Students will learn how to read music notation, chord symbols, and tablature. Students will also gain a better understanding of many different musical genres including classical, flamenco, blues, jazz, rock, and pop music.

Advanced Music 7/8/9

Advanced Junior Music is a one-term course that aims to refine performance and group music skills of those who have previously participated in a term of Junior Music. The focus of this course is music creation; performances will take place.

Senior High

General Music 10/20/30 (3 credits)

These courses will revolve around three main aspects: creation/writing, performing/rehearsing, recording/engineering. We will touch on the basics music theory in the areas of notation, scales, bars and meter. We will look at the more advanced practices of syncopation, dynamics, ghost notes and off beats. Students will also be spending time in the computer lab using Pro-Tools advanced software that allows us to professionally enhance and engineer our recordings. All students will learn the basics of reading music as “TAB” reading is very limiting. ** General knowledge of an instrument is a must **