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We will provide an environment in which students have the opportunity to:

About Us

Holy Redeemer Catholic High School serves the educational needs of the Edson and area Roman Catholic Community. Since opening in 2003 we have continued to provide an excellent grade 7 - 12 program for 346 students.

Edson is a bustling community on the Yellowhead highway about 200 kilometres west of Edmonton. Coal mining, forestry, and oil and gas exploration are the key employers in this resource-based town. Holy Redeemer was completely renovated and updated to provide students with a facility for a comprehensive high school program. Our Drama facility is considered the best west of Edmonton; our science labs are fully equipped to facilitate a rich science program; and our technology is state-of the-art. Education programs include: Alberta Education High School Diploma, Alberta Education Knowledge and Employability Certificate, and Special Education Individual Program Plans.

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